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Studio Scizoid Vol. 1 (2019)
Format:  Digital Download

So this scraggly fella comes up to me saying "Ooi Victor! I'm gonna record ya." So I give him the nod and let him get on with it. Little did I know this fella was Gareth Fox of Studio Schizoid and he's dragged out this crusty reel to reel tape machine and clunked the rec button.


This recording was made directly to analogue tape, no overdubs, loops or re-takes.  Just raw and live in glorious lo-fi.


'Some of the best lo-fi blues rock ever  (barely) produced'

-Rohan  Khan Brown (RIOT fm)

Nothin' But My Love (Single)
Format:  Digital Download

'Nothin' But My Love' (2019) is balanced on a knifes edge with real life grit on one side and vivid surreal dreaming on the other.

Conceived on the road and birthed in a converted garage studio in Hawthorn, Nothin' But My Love (single) and music video is an attempt to catch Victor Cripes in the headlights to reveal what this UPBEAT LO-FI DIRTY BLUES sound is all about. 

Drawing inspiration from classic vintage recordings from 1960's / 70's psychedelia and the blues/folk revival, producer/engineer Julian Ross-Clarke has a track record of releasing high quality, raw, honest recordings and managed to coax a classic warm growl from Cripes' unique street performance rig and rustic instruments.

'Victor Cripes is a true Aussie character'

-Cam Jennings  (2BOB Radio 104.7 fm)

The Grave of Kitty Cane (Single - 2018)
Format: Digital Download

According to a folk legend from the historic gold rush area of High Country Victoria, a young dancing girl known as Kitty Cane came to the Great Dividing Range in search of fortune, and set up a sly grog shop there.  Kitty became a local legend and her grave is still in place today, protected under National Heritage laws.

'The Grave of Kitty Cane' (2018) is Victor Cripes in full production mode with accompanying music video.

'This is the kind of music that really gets me excited' -Matt Frederick (Juke Joint - PBS 106.7 FM)

'Sounds dirtier than a couple of copulating gorillas' -Parlour Gigs (International Tour Agency)

Leg it! We've Been Rumbled
Format:  Digital Download

This album sounds like what it is. Far away from the Great Oasis, out in the tattered concrete wasteland of Gosford NSW, in a dark and gritty studio where this album was recorded. Four tracks (with a secret track hidden in the middle) of Australian blues, melodic grunge and layers of luscious tube amp breakup.  Featuring the one and only 'Pete the Whistler' on flute.